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tv   The Live Desk  FOX News  August 19, 2009 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute trace: this is the "live desk." i am trace gallagher. we're live inside the fox news room. this is where the news begins. this is the national desk. over year, is the foreign desk. they cover the globe. every single picture that comes into fox news channel comes right here. this is our media desk. those brand new pictures on the "live desk" will always be in the boxes on the right hand side of the screen. jamie: in the top box, baghdad rocked with the biggest wave of bombings since u.s. troops withdrew from iraqi cities. our own baghdad bureau was damaged in one of the attacks. trace: in the middle box,
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hurricane bill turning into a monster, growing into a dangerous category four storm. it could get bigger. jamie: in bottom box, the death of a legend. we will take a look at the life of don hewitt. trace: breaking news on health care reform. polls show the majority of americans are not happy with health care reform. there are reports that democrats might use their majority to go it alone in pushing a bill through congress. the white house is balking at the airport. robert gibbs says absolutely not. he said the goal is a bipartisan bill. let's bring in bill sammon. he is in the dc news room. i looked at this poll that shows that 59% of americans do not want democrats to go it alone. there's some dispute over whether or not have the votes to do that.
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what if they do play hard ball and go it alone? >> i think the reason that robert gibbs is denying that is that very pull and others like it. remember how bush was demonized for his supposedly alone foreign policy. now we're talking about barack obama's go it alone domestic policy. it is robert gibbs job as press secretary to say that nothing has changed. the reality is that he said the same thing on monday after the weekend when obviously the obama administration changed its position on the public option, suddenly is signaling it was no longer a necessity. robert gibbs came back on monday and said nothing had changed. it is always the press secretary's job to assure you that nothing has changed, even when clearly something has changed.
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the democrats are now considering doing it alone. trace: the press secretary said "absolutely not" when they mention going it alone. he also said, "is up to republicans if they want to participate." >> that is one of the great m yths. it is all because of the so- called strident republicans. the reality is that the democrats have the majority to do this. filibuster proof. they have a much larger majority in the house. they have control of the white house. if this fails, it is because of democrats. the lead story in "washington post" today is the white house officials said ian that they cannot believe the deep divisions -- saying that they cannot believe the deep divisions.
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and it had caught the obama administration on aware. i'm not sure either focus on the republicans when the democrats have the numbers, anyway. trace: public option is a must for liberal democrats. it is kind of a deal breaker for the senate. some senators like kyl of arizona are seaying co-ops. once the publipublic option, ary trying to get the ball berlin on the next battle? >> i think so. they started with a single payer. that was billed as a preference of liberals. they went with public option. now they're going to the third level.
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republicans are saying, let's saucy background -- let us not see the-ground. they will not give any ground here. i think what will really happen, that public option will end up getting back into the bill. the democrats will go it alone and will go with the nuclear option. they will ram it through that way. it will turn the senate into a war zone. nothing else will get done. trace: bill sammon, thank you. jamie: there's fear and bloodshed on the eve of election day that will happen in afghanistan within 24 hours. afghans prepared to head to the polls tomorrow. their blood to elect a president and provincial leaders. -- they are going to elect a president and provincial
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leaders. this is the scene at one of the largest banks in kabuls. militants took the branch by storm. it is just one in a series of deadly attacks. the taliban fighters unleashing terror across the country. six election workers have been killed in the last 24 hours. the afghan military is using helicopters to deliver a election materials. the death toll in the bombings in baghdad has gone up to 95. the attacks targeted commercial and government buildings in the capital city to the deadliest was a truck bomb outside the foreign ministry right next to the heavily fortified green zone. that is generally considered the safest section of the country. david piper is joining us live from baghdad. this violence is a little too close for comfort.
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>> yes, these were coordinated attacks. there was a real problem here in the city with first of the finance ministry getting hit and then the foreign ministry getting hit. that was a massive explosion at the time. cars were blown into the air. it seemed to be a total security breakdown in the capital. there has been questions about what the security forces are doing to the baghdad security spokesman has gone on local television. the spokesman said they are partly to blame for what has happened. nobody has claimed responsibility. there is a report that two al- qaeda operators were arrested when they stopped another truck bomb from exploding in the heart of the city. thank you. jamie: let me ask you what kind
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of pressure there is on the government given the rise in violence. >> they promised to bring down all these across the city in the next few days. that seems unlikely. the government is running on the platform for the january elections of improving security. when you have had such high- profile attacks on their own ministries, it does beg the question from the iraqi public, is there really control of the situation now? jamie: david piper, thank you. trace: we are mourning the loss of a television pioneer, legendary producer don hewitt, the man behind "sixty minutes" died of pancreatic cancer today. he began his career with cbs in 1948 producing the first televised presidential debate between kennedy and nixon in 1960, and the first half-hour news broadcast with walter cronkite.
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don hewitt had an idea for a kind of life. magazine on. -- life magazine on tv and "60 minutes" was born. he was 86. we will take a look at his life and his work. we will also talk to "sixty minutes" corresponded and chris wallace, whose father was a legend on "60 minutes." a bikini model's body was found stuffed into a suitcase, left in a trash bin in orange county, california. now the reality tv show contestant that police would like to talk are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
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trace: in the top box, brand new federal guidelines about the deadly h1n1 fibers and how it concerns businesses across the country. how you should prepare for the upcoming flooz anduu season. in the middle box, milwaukee mayor tom barrett making his first comments after he got attacked at the fair. in bottom box, and murder mystery in los angeles. jamie: police are searching for a former reality show contestant
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in connection with the merger that happened in california. the body of the swimsuit model was found in a suitcase inside a trash bin on saturday morning. police are now seeking 32-year- old ryan jenkins missing. he is a contestant on "megan wants a millionaire" on vh1. bob, what is the very latest on the investigation? >> there is no word from jenkins as of yet. they think he may be on his way to canada. according to the reality television you're talking about, he was a huge real-estate developer.
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they think he may be on his way to canada either in his own bmw with canadian plates, or they think he may have transferred to the plates to her white mercedes. there's no word from him as of yet. is reporting that his agent has been in contact with ryan jenkins. jamie: if it is true that he is driving her car with his plates, obviously the border is on alert. what other agencies are involved? >> all of the authorities in california. certainly, this huge cloud of suspicion. this has now turned into a pretty big story. not just the authorities here in
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california, but certainly the california authorities -- i do not think she will get very far if he is in one of those cars. incidentally, her car was a brand new car that had paper plates. there is some thinking that he may have transferred over the plates so that he could drive around freely in the mercedes. jamie: what kind of car is it? could he have changed his appearance? what kind of information could we put out there? >> ryan tjenkins, 32, close to 200 pounds. the car is a black bmw x5. he is from canada. the car that she had is a new
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white mercedes cls 500. it had a black top. jamie: is there a reward or anything for information? >> right now he is not a suspect. he is a person of interest. they would like to talk to him. they are reaching out to his family members and friends. they're hoping that he calls the authorities and talks to them about this case. jamie: bob, thank you. trace is on the way to show you something very special upstairs. i want to tell you about mother nature, who has unleashed fury on some folks in texas. >> i was like, that looks like a tornado. >> the damage left behind was just beginning to sink in.
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jamie: in the meantime, the twister did damage. it was caught on the cellphone video. we will show you some more. we are following hurricane bill perry is a monster category four. the path is predicted to move away from the u.s. we are talking about mother nature. she usually does whatever she wants. the results could be devastating. that is next.
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jamie: the raw power of mother nature caught on tape. this twister touching down in beaumont, texas. employees at a local dreiser captured the funnel clouds -- at a local drive through captured the funnel clouds. >> my family were in their car in the parking lot when it hit. jamie: a department store and a parking lot were damaged. the tornado tossed cars around like toys.
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it also demolished a parking lot full of shopping carts. luckily, there reports of only minor injuries. trace is following the weather. trace: we are on the third floor of the world headquarters of fox news. this is what the weather center looks like. rick is the man who is explaining to if you're wearing a green suit, he would be invisible. we're about to show you for the first time on fox news, the weather in hd. >> everybody loves hd tv because there's a lot more clarity. with the weather, we can see things. with more. -- we can see things with much more clarity. we can give a more accurate forecast.
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in many cases, it can be lifesaving. this is the tropical satellite. we call this the intertropical convergence zone. that is what we have been talking about. trace: that is hurricane bil. it has grown into a monster. >> is a monster storm right now. it is moving to the north. we initially thought pr would be scared. -- would be spares. this is a satellite image. it is picking up temperature data. this is a visual image. you get such a beautiful shot of the eye of the storm. everybody is wondering about the track. this is the track.
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it is pulling off to the west and northwest. it will take a northeast jog. when it gets this far in latitude, these storms moved to the right. uc cape cod and the islands as an out liar. trace: when he says this will take to turn to the north, the reason i'm concerned, if you look back to a lot of hurricanes, and you look back at ernesto, which was supposed to move to the gulf. this thing struck the carolinas. these models can be off. >> tropical storms and cyclones always make a job at the last minute. this is the model from the
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storm. every single model pulls this off the coast. and oftentimes you will see storms on day three or day five entities start to spread. this is not one of those storms. there are going to beat some affected in the u.s., starting friday and saturday. trace: he is pointing at nothing to look at this. -- he is pointing at nothing. look at this. right here. you get very good at being a whetheather guy. jamie: we're not going to be able to get him out of there. thank you. the obama administration denied
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that they flip flopped on want a government-run insurance option. critics say the commander-in- chief is softening the message. we will show you a timeline of events. another major corporation is announcing that its computer system has been hacked. this time the culprits got away with more than just credit card numbers'. these are details you will need. we'll have them for you in three minutes. ?7
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buyers include corporations, schools, police departments, and the cities. back to you. trace: president obama said that might alone will not win in afghanistan. >> president obama promised a civilian search of sorts when he announced the new afghan strategy. the surge in civilians has not materialized. the state department has only been able to find 92 people to go out to afghanistan. there appears to be an issue with funding. trace: now to the missing mom in georgia. now the fbi is involved. >> it has been a week since 38-
1:32 pm
churl christie cornwell was adoptebducted. the fbi has joined in the search. the family has set up a fund to raise money for the reward and to help with on the research efforts. trace: that is brand new information. jamie: this is a fox news alert. radisson hotels and resorts have reported the computer systems rex's without authorization. -- systems were accessed without alteration. the computers were hacked between last november and may. radisson hotels in the u.s. and canada were affected. the company is advising all guests to review credit card statements and report any
1:33 pm
unauthorized purchases to law enforcement and the bank that issued your credit card. trace: there is new information on our top story. president obama is about to speak with religious leaders concerning health-care reform. there is word of the president will take a new tone and adjust his message. i wanted to listen to these clips of the president talking about the public option. the first one is from june, then july, and finally what he said this weekend. >> if you like we were getting, keep it. nobody is forcing you to shift. if you're not, this gives you new options. i believe one of these options needs to be a public option. >> that is why any plan i sign must include in insurance exchange, a one-stop shopping market place where you can't compare the costs, benefits, and track records of a friday of
1:34 pm
plans -- where you can compare costs, benefits, and track records. >> this is a legitimate debate to have. public option, whether we have it or we do not have it, is not the entirety of health care reform. this is just one aspect of its. trace: despite what appeared to be contrasting statements, press secretary robert gibbs said it is boringly consistent. now it appears the message to be changing again. joe biden's former speechwriter, jeff. ron is a former communications director to former house speaker dennis phastert.
1:35 pm
thank you, both. it seems that the president is shifting his pitch and leaning more toward the moral imperative of making sure everyone in this country is insured. clean up on the motion -- playing up on emotion now. >> it has shifted all over the place. the plan was protested by thousands of americans across the country. the nancy pelosi called it un- american to do so. then obama blamed the media for covering the town hall meetings. then he blamed the republicans. now all he has left is a pr ayer. he is trying to say it is the right thing to do. the real problem is that there
1:36 pm
are legislative quicksand. they cannot find the right formula to get this through their own party. trace: i want to bring up this poll. we talk about the message shifting. here are the results. in august, this is president obama's handling of health care. approval, 41%. july, 41%. disapproval, 47%. what do you make of that? >> one of the things that is important to recognize here is what the president is trying to do is bring the debate back to corporate. you show the clips of different things he said at different points in time. it would be interesting to see a graphic alongside that shows how many people are losing health care. what is happening to the cost of health care? the president is refocusing not on who is up and was down,
1:37 pm
because the polls also show that people are to doubt to the details, but they will be happy with health care is cheaper and more available. trace: i do not know about to leave out the details. even the white house has acknowledged that the anger at the town hall meetings has moved to the needle in a little bit. >> one thing. we both know that the best place to be is a standing off to the sidelines while your opponents to fight each other. democrats have been arguing amongst themselves about this. unfortunately for republicans, they have managed to unite democrats by cd in the debate to some of the fringe elements of the party. by letting those people control the debate and letting
1:38 pm
respectable leaders like senator grassley say they're not willing to work with democrats -- trace: there has been a lot of that. it seems like you're saying the american people are out of touch with reality. yet, the two majority of this country do not like it. >> 70% of the american eagle like the health-care plan. obama wants to change that. the american people do not like that. republicans do not like the status quo. they want affordable health care. why can't we do something with the current system? >> that is exactly what is proposed. >> this is politics for obama. this is not good policy. this is trying to save his first year in office from falling flat on its face. trace: this poll shows 54% say that they would rather have no
1:39 pm
health care reform at all then this bill. 54% would say, we are just going to stand pat. that is bad news. >> that is bad news. >> 10 years from now, if those 54% do not see a change in health care, they will seek health care for a family of four will cost $25,000 per year. we are debating the details. when this happens, and it will happen, people will be better off. they will be grateful for it. >> obama's throwing a how mary pass. he is on a prayer on this one. trace: i want to show this very quickly. when you talk about president obama playing on emtotion -- this is from the independent women's concerning the public option.
1:40 pm
>> i survived breast cancer. my mother died of cancer. today i'm a survivor. i am worried about what washington might do now. trace: both sides doing that. >> the emotions are imported. what is most important is that people have health care that is more available, more affordable, and better quality. >> republicans agree, but this will not work. 70% love their health care. 40% do not like obama's plan. jamie: h1n1 vaccine trials are underway on children today. we will tell you how many kids are getting the shots and how the government is keeping a close eye on the trials. and when you want to show off a new bikini body, what do you
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trace: britney spears showing her funny side on david letterman's show last night. she also gave us a look at her newly toned body giving us her top 10 ways the country would be better if she was president. >> we would only invade fun places like cabo. america might have a more coherent fiscal strategy. three boards, vice president diddy. trace: says if she were the
1:45 pm
president, the media might finally pay attention to her. jamie: they paid attention, i am sure. on a much more serious note, the h1n1 vaccine trials begin on children at a hospital in missouri. you may be wondering what will happen with your children and which vaccines to death. the hospital is testing the new vaccine on 120 children tear yet the government is also announce a new federal guidelines for businesses that will have to deal with the regular flu this virus. james rosen, it is good to see you. it is confusing for people what exactly the government will be doing. we know that three members of president obama's they came together today. they're trying to spread the word to american business owners. what will they need to know and do about h1n1? >> the commerce secretary hoste, kathleen sebelius, and jt
1:46 pm
the publicnapolitano -- says its critical that people with like systesymptoms not go to work. they also advised for everyone to get their regular seasonal flu shot, and also to visit the web site, there is some concern about the availability of the h1n1 vaccines, especially during the first weeks of flu season. is that really a problem? >> it is to the u.s. government has ordered to 200 million
1:47 pm
doses of the vaccine. fewer than 50 million will be delivered by october. it will require several shots over a few weeks' time. that means there will be some live time. -- some lag time. >> there will be a period between when school starts and one vaccination can occur. we're asking individuals to anticipate and incidents of flu that we do not have the vaccines prepare for. >> the secretary says the gap is not a result of any failure of planning on the part of the obama administration, brother jusbut just how long it takes to grow and manufacture this vaccine. jamie: thank you very much. trace: everyone in america is familiar with the legendary new
1:48 pm
show "60 minutes." the man behind that show passed away. look back now at the life of legendary newsman don hewitt. chris wallace, whose own father was also a legend on the show, will join us next. (announcer) illness doesn't care where you live... ...or if you're already sick... ...or if you lose your job. your health insurance shouldn't either. so let's fix health care. if everyone's covered, we can make health care as affordable as possible. and the words "pre-existing condition" become a thing of the past... we're america's health insurance companies. supporting bipartisan reform that congress can build on.
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jamie: sad news for all of us. in television news, the business lost a legend. don hewitt, the creator of "60 minutes" died of pancreatic cancer. jeunesse now to discuss his life and legacy -- with us now is chris wallace.
1:52 pm
his dad worked with don hewitt on "60 minutes" for more than 60 30 years. also on the phone, steve kroft. steve, you had the chance to work with don hewitt personally. you have been part of the show for so long. how is everybody doing today? >> i think it is quite a shock, but not completely unexpected. we have known for a few days that he was probably not going to make it. even that -- is just hard to believe that this day would come. he had a great life. he was 87. he was so vital and so strong. jamie: a big part of your family, too. you grew up knowing him to what
1:53 pm
do you remember the most? >> just his sense of energy and excitement about the news. i was thinking about this today. i think anybody who cares about news -- this is not just a loss for anybody in our business. anyone who watched "60 minutes" -- he was the father of "60 minutes." he was the guiding force with his four-word mantra, tell me a story. he had to scream and approve every story -- screen and approve every story. it was his enthusiasm for the news. it was not about a political bias at all. during watergate, he and my father but after nixon and all those people.
1:54 pm
i remember plenty of stories where there were going after liberal democrats. the one my father did about all the liberal democrats in washington who were in favor of busing, but send their kids to private schools. don hewitt just cared about a good story. trace: thank you very much for joining us. i heard you talking about the fact that it was really the correspondents -- don hewitt made the stars. he was the guy who made this question every bit as important as the answer. if you watch "60 minutes" it is still like that today. >> not necessarily more important, but more entertaining. there's not a broadcaster on television right now, including the one i am speaking on right now, that was not influenced in some way by don hewitt.
1:55 pm
most people look at his career and see him as the creator of "60 minutes." he was one of the inventors of television news. everything from looking at a menu board monday in a restaurant and deciding that you could superimpose words over pictures to create what we called the super during the democratic convention. that was the idea to the idea that you could have two projectors running simultaneously. those were all don hewitt's ideas. the way interviews are conducted. his hands are on everything. jamie: we all benefited from those in trouble ideas. steve krdot, thank you -- steve kroft, thank you. trace: "60 minutes" generated
1:56 pm
more than $1 billion over the years for cbs. don hewitt was a man of many firsts. here are a few that jumped out. he directed the first network television newscast featuring douglas edwards on may 3, 1948. trace: fbi agents joining police in the search for a missing mother in georgia. christie cornwell disappeared on august 11. some evidence suggesting that she was abducted. the investigation is now spreading across state lines. medicare.
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on potential out-of-pocket expenses... with an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan... insured by united healthcare insurance company. call now for your free information kit... and medicare guide and find out... how you could start saving. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute trace: that is press secretary robert gibbs at the white house briefing. the focus has been on health care. there was a report today that said the democrats may try to push health care through, used their majority to push this through. robert gibbs has tried to say that is absolutely not the case. they're still looking for a bipartisan compromise on health care. he has also said in this press conference that the president favors the public option. that is the name for government
2:00 pm
run health insurance. he said there still listening to other options. i want to bring in bret bair. this has caused a firestorm of controversy. this poll shows 59% of americans do not want the democrats to go it alone. there are reports that they may want to go it alone. robert gibbs is going to great lengths to knock this down. >> this is all about the public and private discussions to try to shore up the base for the administration. at the town hall meeting in colorado, the president, and then kathleen sebelius, suggested that the administration might be willing to go forward with an idea that does not include the public option. by the way, that is government run health insurance. that is the plan that is included on the table. if they were going to abandon
2:01 pm
that. that sent off a firestorm of reaction from the left. now we have a lead in "the new york times" -- senior officials say they might go alonone. it is conservative democrats in the house and senate that have a real problem with the public option. in this briefing, the white house robert gibbs is trying to back away from "the new york times" story. he says this is not the position and that the president still prefers the public option and that they still want to go through a bipartisan process, ideally getting republicans to sign on. a number of republicans have talked about "the new york times" story, including eric kanter, who said that the democrats have always wanted to go it alone. he said we ought to set this
2:02 pm
plan aside and start over. he said that we do want to see health care reform, just not what they are showing. trace: you talked about the blue dog democrats the president is facing concerning the public option, but also the other side now. bill liberals say that without the public option, there will be no plan. now you're walking the tightrope in your own party. now you have those on the left fighting you. this really is kind of a pickle for the administration to try to dislodge all sides. >> very much so. they're going back to the default position that the president for first of public option. there has not been a bill accepted out of the senate finance committee that has been drafted. we do not know what it will look like. all of the state instead we have
2:03 pm
heard before did you are right. it is a tightrope between tried to get moderate conservative democrats to sign on and to get liberal democrats to stay on board. there are a number of them and say that there's not public option, they will not vote for whatever package comes out. trace: the new fallout from the white house's so-called fishy data program. the white house has disabled the account. now a prominent senator is demanding further action. he said the following -- now he is saying i want
2:04 pm
answers. >> john cornyn sent one of the first letters. we saw the one website taken down. however, they are still excepting questionable e-mails at another site. and his question is what happened over the 13 days. what happened to those names and e-mail addresses? by law, they cannot be purged.
2:05 pm
it is an interesting problem for the white house. answers have yet to come out. trace: bret bair, thank you. jamie: there's a major search in georgia for a missing mom. her name is christie cornwell. police say they have few leads on the 38-year-old former probation officer. now the fbi is getting involved. what is the very latest on the investigation? >> state and local investigators have scaled back the ground search. they're turning their focus toward the basics of the investigation, looking at the examinevidence, and trying to cp
2:06 pm
with a profile of the potential suspect. fbi will be providing several resources, including forensic experts. richard cornwell, her brother, spoke with us earlier. he said that no matter what happens the family will never stop searching. >> we will continue to treat this case as a case to bring her back safely and alive. even if law enforcement discontinues or scales back the efforts, it does not mean the family is going to scale back our efforts. we will continue with physical searches, if necessary. >> the family has also set up a fund to offer a reward and to help with the search efforts. people can go to the website.
2:07 pm
jamie: i have to ask you. they have looked at the number of registered sex offenders in the area. her family says that perhaps her training as a probation officer and her physical strength could help her in the event of an abducted. do they have any information of anyone she came of contact with it in her line of work that could be someone police are interested in? >> i just spoke with an investigator. he said they are looking into her background as a probation officer. right now, they're not ruling out anything. they're talking to neighbors and anyone who might have seen something. i want to show you some fresh video that the family brought us earlier. they want people to get a closer look at cornwell. this is home video. they really feel like it is somebody out there that will help bring her back.
2:08 pm
they are relying on the fact that she had the criminal- justice background in order to bring her home safely. jamie: we will check back with u.s. news develops. we will also have plenty more on this story. we will get a live update from those people who are looking for cornwell. you will hear from the special agent in charge of the georgia bureau of investigation's. trace: talk about great news for american workers. dow jones is up 76. oil stocks are leading the way. oil is up $3.11 per barrel right now after the government report showed a huge drop in crude oil supply boosted oil futures almost 4% 3 in the meantime, another positive sign for the u.s. economy. companies talking about a drastic measures to stay afloat. cutting salaries, cutting benefits. now some of those companies have
2:09 pm
plans to reverse course. shannon bream has the news. it sounds like good news. >> days maybe some of those little green shoots that we hear about. there's a major new study out today from 175 top employers in the u.s. here is what they say about reinstating salaries that they had to cut. 33% of those surveyed say they will unfreeze salaries in the next six months. they say they will try to get back to the levels before the last couple of rough years we have had. that is great news for people who been able to hold onto their jobs. trace: great news for salaries, but what about the other benefits that people have become accustomed to? >> another big one that took a hit was the 401k. a lot of employers had to cut back on the contributions that
2:10 pm
they made to that benefit. we have seen that turned around. the latest survey shows 24% of employers say they plan to reverse reductions in the next six months. just two months ago in june, only 5% said the same thing. that is a 21% jump in two months. trace: we talk about race signs all over the place. i still look at the unemployment rate and it is at 9.4% 3 they say it could go above 10%. is the worst really over? >> we really have to take this for what it is and the potential that it outlines in these numbers. i talked to economist today who has been looking at these numbers. here's what he had to say about the latest survey results. >> it is the first thing that happens in companies after a recession. they will begin to restore wages and compensation cuts that they made during the recession. they will begin to add hours, and eventually, new employees.
2:11 pm
>> he said this is the first of many signs. he said we could be talking about 18 months or 24 months for a lot of these things to take hold. he said to look for interest hours. he said one month does not make a trend, but it is moving in a positive direction. trace: a long way to go for struggling homeowners. shannon bream, thank you. jamie: who could forget the amazing pictures from iraq when voters decided the terrorists, showing off the ink-stained fingeres? in hours, the taliban is morning in afghanistan that will cut off vfingers if they vote. we will take a look at the upcoming election in three minutes.
2:12 pm
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2:15 pm
jamie: will come back to the "live desk." we are waiting new information on hurricane bill. it is now a category four storm. forecasters say it could get bigger before it hits land. in the middle box, after a two- day flight review, nasa has decided to try to launch space shuttle discovery on tuesday next week. there have been concerned about the foam insulation that came off the shuttle last month. in bottom box, today the family
2:16 pm
of the virginia tech gunman has released mental health records. in them, the shooter denied homicidal thoughts into a school counselor. trace: at this moment, is 10:46 p.m. in afghanistan to the polls open in eight hours. the country is on high alert ahead of tomorrow's presidential election. taliban attacks have spiked in recent days. terrorists are more the people that if they vote, they will have their finger cut off. could this be a crucial election? could turn into a bloodbath? a senior adviser for the center for strategic and international studies joins us. what happens?
2:17 pm
are we expecting violence? we know the taliban is geared up. they have said they have the weaponry and they're prepared to use it. >> i expect almost everything to happen to it by the millions of people will turn out to vote. i think there'll be hundreds of polling stations that will never open because of the intimidation. there will be people who will never be allowed to vote. you have an expression of public will. i think the afghan people will be heard. my guess is they will probably end up in an indecisive initial round of that will lead to a runoff election. trace: even though some will stay home. talk about a national illustration of intestinal fortitude. they know this is critical to the future of their country. how important is it to these people? >> it is critically important.
2:18 pm
they have suffered through several decades of intimidation and violence. many of their families live in other countries. many have come back from iran and pakistan. millions have come back. they do not want to return to the pattern of living where you have warlords in charge. this is a real chance for the nation to focus on how they will make their country safe, and how they will make it free of corruption, and how they will restore economic growth. trace: that is the question. the president carkarzai is leading in the polls. the economy is a disaster. the poppy growth is back in. stability is very suspect. the bottom line, the intimidation factor is sky-high. is karzai the man to lead the
2:19 pm
country into the future? >> i think he needs a surge of energy. many have said that he was the mayor of kabul several years ago. he has had some worthy opponents. i suspect they will give him a much better race of them datthad last time to the needs that personal renewal. trace: is a critical election for u.s. forces. it is a critical election tree when he says mayor of kabul -- they believe he has little authority outside of kabul. jamie: an interesting new story and an interesting potential lawsuit trade was a civilian working for the u.s. army
2:20 pm
spying on anti-war activist? a protest groups as the sky was keeping tabs on their activity. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
2:21 pm
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2:23 pm
jamie: i have not heard of this
2:24 pm
sort of story before, especially in the legal world. the army says they will look into a claim that a civilian analyst working for them was conducting law enforcement duties on u.s. soil. there's a claim that they were targeting american citizens. there's an anti-war protest group based in the state of washington. they say they discovered a spy in their ranks. dan springer, it is a little confusing, but how did it all go down? does it look like the army might have done something wrong? >> legal experts believe from the preliminary information that the military has a problem on its hands. this began about two years ago when a man presented himself to an anti-war group in olympia, washington.
2:25 pm
he said his name was john jacob. he presented himself as an anti- war activist. he joined the group. he had a lot of trust within the group and became the administer of the e-mail list. two years later, the groups as they have all did this man through facebook and other information that he is really a civilian employee at his job is to protect troops. they say that he was sending back information to local police officers about their activities. and that, they say, is illegal. jamie: if the army had information that the troops could be in danger, they are not allowed to collect intelligence in this way? it is their alternative? >> for 130 years, the law of the land basically says that the
2:26 pm
u.s. military cannot act as local law enforcement agencies. there have been exceptions. most recently, there were exceptions if nuclear weapons were thought to be involved, or if the local group was thought to be into its with terrorists or foreign enemies. they would have to come up with the evidence that they thought this local group was somehow tied to al-qaeda, or if they had information to infiltrate the group. if not, they have a real issue of violating first amendment rights. jamie: what is the next page? does it go to trial? who defends the army? what do you think we will learn? >> a lot of this is classified relief filed a freedom of information request and we got
2:27 pm
e-mails that had a lot of information redacted. basically, they acknowledge that he does work for them. he does work in this intelligence gathering position. they are not justified in what he did. they say they have launched an internal investigation. outside groups say they will support the military. they believe that this is an issue surrounding the protection of troops. pmr will file this lawsuit. they will drag the military into court and see if they cannot get some sort of a settlement out of them, or have the military have to pay for violating rights. jamie: it is certainly a case worth following. thank you. democrats may be close to going it alone. at least that is what we have seen. passing a health care reform measure without republican support. after all, they do hold clear majorities in congress.
2:28 pm
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30 days to try lifelock absolutely free. call now and mention id. call now or go to ♪ trace: we have brand new information on three new stories. james rosen, federal guidelines have just been released on how to deal with the h1n1 virus. >> that is right. the homeland security secretary acknowledged today in an exclusive interview with fox news that there will be a gap between the onset of flu season and the full availability of the h1n1 vaccine is delivered to the united states. at the centers of disease
2:32 pm
control, there are efforts underway to increase the number of doses available. trace: james rosen in washington, d.c. now to the iowa state fair. >> the agriculture secretary believes there are tens of millions of dollars of profit opportunities in cap and trade. that is the house klein and bill. the senate does not have a version. farmers are slow to buy into that argument. there are a number of farm groups who believe cap and trade will only increase the cost of them doing business, which will either increase food prices and or a lot more farmers not doing business. trace: that is brand new information. jamie: this is a fox news alert. we are hearing from milwaukee mayor tom barrett for the first time since he was viciously beaten on saturday night.
2:33 pm
he was attacked at a state fair. he heard a woman crying for help. she was with her baby granddaughter. they were getting a salted. the mayor says he is no hero. >> what i want to stress is -- i have been in situations in this community my whole life. i cannot think of a situation like this where people would not have responded the way i did. when someone says col 911, you call 911. that is exactly what happened here. it was only at that time where the response was so bizarre that things took off in the wrong direction. jamie: you can see some of the injuries he suffered. we still consider you a hero. he is recovering now from a shattered hand and stitches to his face. the man who is the grandmother says it is the little girl's father was arrested for resulta.
2:34 pm
trace: our top story, the health-care debate. the white house is just ending moments ago. major garrett just came out of the briefing. it is all about health care again. robert gibbs went to great lengths to say that the democrats will not go this alone. >> they will not go this alone until they have pure evidence that the republicans are not willing to play ball. robert gibbs said there are no conversations between the white house and democratic leaders in the senate about a go it alone strategy in that body. the democrats clearly have enough votes to get it through the house. the legislative center of gravity has always been the senate through the top aide to senate majority leader harry reid just told my colleague carl cameron that the senate democratic leadership will use any legislative needs necessary to get a health care bill through. that sounds like contemplation of the dollar alone strategy.
2:35 pm
trace: major garrett act the white house, thank you. this could be a dramatic turn in the health-care debate through the reports that there could be a go at a low mentality in the democratic party. -- there is a report that there could be a go it alone mentality in the democratic party. there is some dispute on whether they have the votes to get that done three i want to bring in the editor of the national review and a fox news contributor. and also, a fox news political analyst. this is big news. robert gibbs says they will not go it alone. >> they are going to go it alone. it has never been a truly bipartisan effort. they have a huge, gargantuan government bill in the house that has no republican support.
2:36 pm
they're trying to get a few republicans in the senate. chuck grassley is going south on them, too. trace: the democrats say they have been trying to get this through, but the republicans do not want to hear it. >> it was not completely unpredictable. he did not even as we did it with something like tort reform, or something that would make them interested. maybe they should have just done what the clintons did. at this point, there has been so much debate that they are starting to lose democrats. trace: this is a democrat from new york. he was on fox news today. talk about a guy -- let's just play this. >> i am not voting for hr-3200 and people are angry at me. i am sorry i am going to all my
2:37 pm
life on this regardless of who pressures may. -- i am going to hold my line on this regardless of who pressures me. trace: the conservatives are saying no. >> it is a huge dilemma to receive a hugely negative reaction from the democrats. it seems to suggest they cannot get the bill in the house without public option. there are not the votes in the senate to pass it with the public option. that is a big problem. trace: this is from chuck grassley, who is a key negotiator on this health care legislation. he also said that government would pull the plug on grandma.
2:38 pm
and there is some criticism that the republicans are not giving any concessions. they wanted concessions from the democrats and they're not getting anything in return. >> there is such an ideological divide. most democrats want public option. i do not know any conservatives who do. where do you come together? he probably should have just rammed it through. >> he tried to. >> and you saw what happened with the clintons. i also know that they knew to a certain extent that this could happen to that is why they came up with the exchange option. trace: is kind of change in the message. you have some liberals who are very angry.
2:39 pm
this is from a liberal academic. all the sudden, the friendlies are turning. >> this is the lesson that they did not learn from the clintons. the clintons tried to pass a huge health care plan. that is exactly the same tactic obama is taking care use getting the same results. it is utterly predictable. >> it possibly could have gone down differently. i do not think the blue dogs started coming out against it until the uproar. you might have been able to get them on board. it is not that radical of a public option, anyway, in my opinion. trace: you sound like it is a
2:40 pm
foregone conclusion that the public option is not going to happen. >> i would be pleasantly surprised if it happened. >> i would be unpleasantly shocked. >> i think it'll be a symbol and a watered-down bill -- simple bill. trace: thank you. jamie: the convicted lockerbie bomber wants to get out the present. he has put in a petition because he is dying of prostate cancer. will the scottish government let him out? we're about to find out? there has been an earthquake in alaska. how bad was it? we will tell you in three minutes. 100 potato chips or 100 pringles.
2:41 pm
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trace: there is breaking news now. the scottish government says
2:44 pm
they have made a decision on whether or not the lockerbie bomber will be set free. that is him, abdelbaset ali al- megrahi. he was the sole person convicted in the bombing that killed 270 people. he has terminal cancer. he wants to be released for compassionate reasons so he can go back possibly to libya. the government has made a decision, but they will not announce the decision until tomorrow. there's also break the news out of alaska about an earthquake. >> take a look. we just got the release. this gives you an idea about the location. we're hearing good things about this. it is not too bad. it was about 36 miles deep.
2:45 pm
that is not that thdeep. it was outside of anchorage. they did feel some buildings shake. arnold reports of any real damage. -- there are no reports of any real damage. trace: 5.2 is the magnitude on the earthquake. it did not cause a great deal of damage or injuries. jamie: the fbi is joining the search for kristi cornwell. she has been missing for one week. she is 38. she is a former provision officer -- is a former probation officer. she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone. he says he heard a scuffle.
2:46 pm
we are so curious, what is the latest in this investigation? >> at this time, we are completing a 3 mile perimeter search. we are also conducting an extensive a neighborhood canvas, speaking with the residents in the area. we are following leads that have been called in to our tip line, not trying to better understand her private life, talking with friends, family, and associates. we're searching for anything that might lead us in the right direction. jamie: it must be very difficult for you. she is in law enforcement. she is one of your own. i know you want to do everything you can to the family has released a new video. her boyfriend said she was on
2:47 pm
the phone with him and he heard her say "don't take me." have you been able to confirm that call? i know that herself and was found -- i know that her cellphone was found. >> yes, we located her cellphone 3 miles from the abducted site. we can't confirm -- jamie: we seem to have lost our shot. bottom line, the family is asking that if you have any information, please call law enforcement. we will keep you posted. trace: in case you're just joining us, the man behind "60 minutes" don hewitt has passed away at the age of 86. he was responsible for so much more. today we're looking back at the life of a true television pioneer.
2:48 pm
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trace: today we are pausing to remember a legend, a pioneer in television news, don hewitt. died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 86. he will always be remembered as the creator of "60 minutes." he also brought us many of the innovations in television news that allow us to do our jobs today. eric shawn, senior correspondent. >> you not only have to be tough, you just have to know as much about the person you are talking to as he or she knows about himself. >> he got his start in newspapers after spending one year in college at new york university.
2:52 pm
he gave up his $15 per week newspaper job. he joined the merchant marines and convinced the military newspapers to let him report from the front lines. he barked at the associated press before landing a job at cbs in 1948 treaty worked as the sole producer of the was edwards with the news, he produced the first televised presidential debate. it may have tipped the election to favor president kennedy. don hewitt suggested richard nixon wear makeup. nixon did not listen. don hewitt went on to become the producer of the cbs evening news with walter cronkite. "60 minutes" hit the airwaves in 1968. the show revolutionized television news. it introduced reporters driven investigative pieces, creating
2:53 pm
what is now known as a news magazine. this >> is "60 minutes." is kind of a magazine for television. >> it was a success. don hewitt said he knew what the average american wanted to see on tv. don hewitt continued to produce cbs special coverage of political conventions. he retired in 2004, but his legacy keeps on ticking. "60 minutes" is the longest- running prime-time program in television history. >> television is great, not when you see it, not when you hear it. television is great when you feel it. trace: and they felt it. look at a sunday night. they're still dominating in ratings. jamie: it was not just about the pictures and interviews. it was about how it made you feel purity will be missed -- it
2:54 pm
was about how to make you feel pretty will be missed by so many. trace: chris wallace told a funny story earlier. he said that don hewitt and his father were on an airplane. they had accepted an award. at the time, "60 minutes" was tied with "shacheers" for ratings. jamie: did have a sense of humor. no doubt about it. trace: everything we do is based on what's don hewitt did. jamie: don hewitt, a legend. . ?7
2:55 pm
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trace: breaking news coming out of alaska, magnitude 5 earthquake has mag -- rattled 30 miles from alaska. a moderate earthquake, not major by things up a bit. there are no injuries or reports of any damage. we should note that earthquakes in that area of the world are known as a tsunami, but there is no danger of tsunami at all. the earthquake struck about 31 miles outside of anchorage, alaska.
2:58 pm
martha: some citizens are taking to the streets, a group of their residence so sped up with speeders, they are ready to shoot paint balls at passing cars. they have even posted them. they are showing their intentions. they are calling themselves angry neighbors with paint ball guns. the police are reminding these folks that it is against it by law to shoot a paint ball at a vehicle furious join us again tomorrow. trace: thank you. we will see you back here, tomorrow. shepard: the news begins anew with the white house trying to regain control of the health- care debate. confused? do we even know what the
2:59 pm
president's plan is? if the answer is no, you are not alone. we will try to sort it out. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute first, three full boxes. number one, as americans start to pull out of iraq, a wave of bombings in baghdad or surrounding areas. we are live on the scene. no. 2, a former swimsuit model and stripper found dead, her body stuffed in a suitcase. the person of interest? a reality show contestant. no. 3, a different look at the health-care debate. today you will need a doctor that is working to understand what his patients go through. to do so, he is giving up his own medical insurance. we will show you what he is doing instead. that is all coming up. first, new evidence


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